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Tips to Avoid a Flood in the Bathroom

10/16/2019 (Permalink)

Insulation for pipes It is vital to ensure that the pipes in the bathroom, as well as in other areas of the home, are properly insulated to avoid a rupture.

3 Suggestions To Avoid A Flood In The Bathroom

A flood at a residence in Magnolia Gardens,TX, can cause an incredible amount of destruction. Although a flood could occur anywhere in the home, the bathroom is one area that may be susceptible to overflows of water and flooding, especially from a leaking toilet. Fortunately, professionals who specialize in flood clean-up can help if this occurs. However, there are steps for homeowners and residents to take in order to mitigate the risk of a deluge in the lavatory. Here are three suggestions to help avoid a flood in the bathroom:

1. Keep an Eye on the Toilet

It is very important to be on the lookout for a leaking toilet. While this may not seem like a big deal, it could be a sign that a major issue is brewing. Not only does it signify that there is a problem with the functionality of the device, but it could also mean that water is seeping through the floor underneath the receptacle. If your toilet is leaking, schedule a toilet repair to take care of the problem. Be sure to examine the underlying cause of the leak in order to rule out any subsequent problems with the plumbing in the house. It’s important to note that water damage under a toilet could cause the restroom floor to rot.

2. Look For Leaky Faucets

In addition to keeping an eye out for a leaking toilet, it may be helpful to watch for leaky faucets or any issues with the shower and tub. Because these devices are typically utilized multiple times throughout the day, any problems should be addressed as soon as possible.

3. Insulate Pipes

Finally, residents who live in cold climates could experience freezing and bursting pipes. It is vital to ensure that the pipes in the bathroom, as well as in other areas of the home, are properly insulated to avoid a rupture.

Be sure to check all the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom regularly. Pay special attention if you have an old toilet or recently completed a toilet repair. These inspections may save a lot of hassles in the future.

The 5 Simple Steps of the Restoration Process After a Fire

10/12/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged brick house with the windows boarded and the roof has a tarpaulin covering it Tarping and boarding services in a Pittsville, TX home

The 5 Simple Steps of the Restoration Process After a Fire

Once you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a fire in your home, you may feel overwhelmed by events. Those feelings are normal, but there are active steps you can take to begin to put your home – and your life – back together. If you have homeowner’s insurance in Pittsville,TX, you will be far better off if you leave the fire cleanup process to an experienced, professional smoke cleaning and soot damage restoration company. Once you contact them, they have a precise order to ensure your home is returned to the original condition:

  • Inspect and assess the damage.
  • Board up and tarp to prevent further damage.
  • Water removal and drying.
  • Removal of soot and smoke residue.
  • Final cleaning and sanitizing.

Inspection and Assessment

The company will send out a team of professional inspectors to determine the best course and what tools they need to complete the job. During the fire cleanup process, they will determine if wiring and pipes have been impacted, the extent of smoke damage and any hazardous conditions.

Board-Up and Tarping

The immediate priority after a fire is to prevent any further damage. Boards and tarps provide an excellent barrier to elements and would-be thieves.

Water Removal and Drying

Air circulation equipment, including fans and negative pressure devices, will speed up this essential step. Dehumidifiers are also used to get the moisture out of walls and flooring as fast as possible. Then a further assessment is made to determine what can be saved and what must be replaced.

Soot and Smoke Cleaning

This takes specialized equipment and techniques that experienced fire cleanup personnel have to complete the job. Done correctly, the odor of smoke should be completely eliminated.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

All exposed surfaces and personal items that were smoke and soot damaged will be restored or replaced during the final fire cleanup process. Air scrubbers and fogging devices may also be used. Once complete, a home in Pittsville,TX, can be just as nice and beautiful as it was the day you moved in!

What To Do When Your Building Floods

9/28/2019 (Permalink)

An open door and from the outside there are flooded waters Flooding waters Porter, TX

What To Do When Your Building Floods

When your Porter,TX, business has been affected by water leaks, a pipe burst, or flooding, there are several questions and water damage tips that deal with safety:

Does the water pose an immediate danger to occupants? If so, evacuate the building.
Is there standing water? Do not come into direct contact with water to avoid the risk of electrocution.
Do you need to remove items? Waterlogged furniture, papers, and other items are heavy enough to cause injuries when carried.
How slick are the floors? Some of the most common hazards associated with flooding include slipping and falling.

After making sure that you and everyone else in the building are safe, there are some things you can safely and appropriately do while waiting for professional water damage cleanup and mitigation technicians to arrive.

Shut Off the Water

If you can get to the main water valve without walking through water or putting yourself at risk, the most obvious first step is to stop the flow of water. If you can't get to it safely, contact municipal authorities who can shut it off from outside the property.

Turn Off the Electricity

Once again, if you can get to the circuit breaker box without walking across wet floors or through puddles, shut off the power to the building. One of the biggest risks during flooding is electrocution because water is a very good conductor of electricity.

Increase Ventilation

One of the best prevent water damage tips is to remove water and dry the area as quickly as possible. While waiting for professionals to arrive, open as many doors and windows as possible. If you can use a source of power away from the water, use fans to get the air moving.

Remove Water

If it's safe for you to remain in the building, your first step is to remove as much as you can. Move wet items outside to a dry location. Use cleaning tips from experts to avoid further damages.

Overall, your main priority should be the safety of the occupants of the building. Once you're sure about that, follow water damage tips such as removing water and drying out the property until professionals arrive.

Why Mold Loves Your Home

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

Couches covered in mold Couches covered in mold

Indoor and outdoors, mold isn’t too picky. These common fungi only need a few ingredients to turn your home in Atascocita,TX  into its own. Even if you begin to see signs of mold damage or mildew growth, it doesn’t mean it is time to panic. Mold cleanup and prevention are easier to deal with than most people imagine, especially when you have a trusted professional by your side.

Why Is It Growing?

Surprisingly, mold spores can often be dormant, just waiting for the right conditions to begin spawning and spreading. The environment it prefers is one with the right amount of humidity and temperature, moisture and food. In a home, any organic material that is porous can provide the sustenance these fungi need to grow. This can include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Leather
  • Drywall

Where Is the Musty Smell Coming From?

Unfortunately, not all mold damage makes its presence visibly known. It can often be hidden behind the walls where condensation can get trapped and create ideal conditions for it to grow. High levels of humidity or leaking pipes behind the walls are in the ceiling are typically main culprits. Before it gets to the point of having to perform black mold cleanup, inspecting your home at the first signs of a musty odor can help avoid extensive mold remediation.
When faced with that distinctive smell, the following are key areas of the home prone to mold growth:

  • Basements – Leaks, flooding condensation and lack of ventilation
  • Kitchens – Appliances that use water, exhaust fans and sinks
  • Bathrooms – Malfunctioning exhaust fans, leaks, seal damage around showers and tubs
    Attics – Insufficient ventilation and circulation and roof damage that allow excess moisture in
  • Crawlspaces – Poor ventilation, flooding, soil erosion and leaks

Although the right conditions can create mold damage in any home, understanding how common is presence is can make handling it easier. While prevention is key, be rest assured that with the right help, your mold problem can be eradicated.

Flood Tips for First Responders

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

As a first responder, when a disaster happens your first inclination may to rush out and help your neighbors in Crosby,TX. In the case of flooding, extra steps need to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

Personal Preparation

Before heading into to assist with flood response, be sure to be up to date with immunizations. Current guidelines require the following:

  • Tetanus, which requires a booster every 10 years
  • Hepatitis B, which typically requires no booster except for special circumstances

What to Expect

Floods create an environment in which potential hazards could be around any corner. They can knock down power lines, pick up large debris as it flows and cause sinkholes or unstable ground. Even using a generator or trying to drive to an area in a dire situation could result in negative consequences. Additional hazards to consider include, drowning, trees or limbs falling, carbon monoxide or chemical exposure, insects, rodents or insect infestations, injuries from lifting or falling, and hypothermia.

Protect Yourself to Help Others

As a trained first responder, you understand that you can only help if you keep safety a priority. During the disaster, the following can help make the challenging situation smoother during and after the storm:

Wear protective clothing, boots, eye goggles and gloves. Flood waters can pick up chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants, so it’s ideal to wear disposable clothes to avoid spreading an contamination. Wash non-disposable clothes immediately after providing assistance.
Flooding often results in the quick growth of mold and mildew. Wearing a certified mask can prevent breathing in spores and other particles.
Wash hands thoroughly after touching any material or equipment that has been in contact with flood waters. Hand gels can also be used to kill bacteria.

While you may feel you are ready for anything as a first responder, your safety and that of those around you should also come first. Once everyone is safe, you can count on the experts to handle the cleanup.

Limit the Damage From a Fire With Content Cleaning

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Pieces of a bathroom damaged by fire Fire damaged contents in a Kingwood, TX school

After a commercial fire, it is tempting to think that all of your items are damaged beyond repair. The smell of smoke has a way of infiltrating the fabrics and materials of a company, making them appear unusable. However, with a professional dry-cleaning many of the items will be able to be saved. If your business is located in Kingwood,TX, you will be able to ask for the help of the experts. They will have a variety of techniques to clean everything from electronics to documents to uniforms. After the threat has passed, and the safety of everyone has been established, you can begin the process of restoring your building and its contents to a better condition.

The Best Methods for Cleaning After a Fire

If you want your commercial building cleaned up "Like it never even happened" then you need the help of fire damage cleanup team. They will make sure you get the best content cleaning available in Kingwood, TX. They will have training on cleaning up the following problems associated with fire, smoke and soot damage:

  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Document cleaning
  • Odor control
  • Upholstery and fabric cleaning
  • Water damage restoration

The best methods for cleaning include dry-cleaning for clothes and ultra-sonic measures for non-porous items. Best of all, you will be able to save many items and still be able to safely use them. The odor of smoke will be addressed through the use of effective equipment and cleaning methods, allowing employees to return to work faster.

The Top Services

If you are in need of cleaning, restoration, content storage or a fast response it's best to work with professionals. They can help municipalities, universities, property managers and other industries cope with a damaging event. So if you need dry-cleaning or document cleaning or some other service make sure to call in the experts for best results.

5 Tips To Prepare Your Business for a Flood

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Many sandbags Sandbags can be used in the event of a flood

5 Tips To Prepare Your Business for a Flood

Storms and rough weather can bring about flooding as rainwater flows into the streets and surrounding landscape. If you’re caught unprepared the storm damage can be costly and impact your revenue, dealing a blow to your bottom line. Make sure your business in Humble,TX, is protected with these five handy tips:

Know Your Area

Familiarizing yourself with the weather patterns in your area is the first step to coming up with an efficient plan to handle flood damage. Knowing the likelihood of floods and general pattern of water flow will help you be more prepared.

Invest in Flood Prevention Equipment

Items such as flood boards, sand bags or other alternatives can be installed quickly and can be lifesavers in the event of a flood. They protect your business from being contaminated by black water and save you from water damage. These types of equipment are usually easy to acquire and store for a rainy day.

Outfit Your Interior

If you live in a flood prone area, it might be a good idea to install high shelving where you can store valuable items and easily damaged goods. Also, raising your electrical wiring, fuse boxes, and sockets to keep them out of reach of flood waters is a good initial investment to save yourself from costly damages due to flooding.

Work With Your Suppliers and Clients

Working with your suppliers and clients to come up with a contingency plan to keep business going in the event of a flood can keep your business from collapsing when a storm comes through. Having these conversations can maintain your business running even when your facility has been hit by a flood.

Ensure Your Team Is Trained

Having emergency procedures and training your staff on these procedures is very important to ensure the safety and security of your employees and customers. This includes establishing a safe meeting point in case of evacuation and designating a contact for flood remediation.

It can be quite challenging to manage your business when flooding occurs. However, keeping these tips in mind can help reduce the impact on your company.

How To Increase Your Chances of a Successful Water Damage Claim

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Warped wooden floor from water damage Wooden floor damaged in a Houston, TX home

How To Make A Strong Claim For Damages

Whether it’s from bursting pipes or a vicious Houston,TX, storm, water damage can be an extremely stressful situation. One of the most important things you can do is get the claims process started as quickly as possible so your insurer can have a restoration and repair specialist begin recovery efforts. Here’s how to make a strong claim for damages with your insurance carrier.

Know What’s Covered

Take a careful look at your insurance policy to see if there are any exceptions to coverage for water damage. While every plan offers different provisions, there are generally a few things that should be covered:

  • Floods
  • Sudden discharge from a broken pipe
  • Storm-related damages
  • Overflow from a sewer backup

Even when a type of damage is covered, some exceptions could cause your claim to be denied. If your insurer thinks you haven’t been a responsible homeowner, it’s that much easier to say no. For example, if bursting pipes occurred because you allowed the building to get too cold, most carriers will reject your application.

File Your Claim

To give yourself the best chance of a successful claim, start your efforts well before a problem occurs by keeping meticulous records of all maintenance and repair services on your home. When you experience water complications, you’ll be ready to go with documentation of how you held up your end of the bargain. Your insurer will be much more likely to fix broken pipe problems if you can demonstrate responsible homeownership. Go through your carrier’s normal claims process, calling the emergency number if the issue happens after business hours, and have your information ready to go whenever the adjustor has any questions.

When bursting pipes or any other water problems pop up at your home, a quick response is the best way to minimize the damage. By taking steps to file a strong claim, you’ll have a much better chance of making things look “Like it never even happened”.

Houston Water Restoration Services: The Basics

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

When disasters strike, they can cause extensive water damage to one's property.

The Purpose And Value Of Water Restoration Services

These days, many homeowners experience property damage as a result of natural disasters such as floods, storms, fires and tornadoes. When these disasters strike, they can cause extensive Houston water damage to one's property. Additionally, the initial water damage can create the moist, wet environment necessary for mold to thrive. Thus in addition to having the structural integrity of one's residential property compromised, Houston water damage can result in the growth of health-compromising fungi on the premises. For these reasons and more, people who find themselves subjected to water damage should attain professional restoration services. Learn more about the purpose and value of water restoration services by reviewing this quick reference guide:

Water Restoration Services: The Basics 
Water restoration services are designed to help restore your property to its original condition following a natural disaster, pipe leak, or any other situation that causes substantive Houston water damage. There are several steps in the water restoration process, some of which include cleanup, repair, and drying. Here are some of the advantages you can attain from seeking these professional services:

1. Immediate Assistance.
One of the greatest benefits of attaining water restoration services is that you get immediate assistance. This is important because mold can start to grow on your property within a day of the initial Houston water damage. Attaining immediate assistance ensures that remediation specialists will be able to prevent the proliferation of mold.

2. Insurance Help.
In addition to offering homeowners expert cleanup and restoration assistance, water remediation specialists can also provide them with insurance help. Specifically, a water damage restoration firm will work with your insurance representative to assist with the preparation of documents and securing the total sum of the insurance claim. These efforts will help you save a great deal of money and time.

3. Use Of Sophisticated Equipment.
Another benefit of attaining professional water restoration services is that the remediation specialists make use of sophisticated equipment to expedite and optimize the cleanup process. Some of the equipment used includes portage extraction devices, dehumidifiers, and a moisture gauge.

Why Choose SERVPRO? 
When you discover that your home has been adversely affected by water damage, you need to act immediately. By calling a professional water restoration company, you can prevent the onset of secondary water damage and bring your residential property back to its original condition. To obtain excellent remediation services from a professional staff, trust the professionals of SERVPRO. We offer 24/7 emergency services and have become industry leaders due to our commitment to operating in excellence. We're ready to start restoring your property today, so call us now at (281) 219-8180!

Kingwood Home Care: Wait! Don’t Throw That Away!

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO takes pride in our restoration vs. replacement

The vast majority of water damage in Kingwood, Humble, and throughout the Houston area comes from floods or sewage backups. Flood and sewage water can harbor dangerous levels of bacteria, viruses, and debris that can dramatically affect the safety of buildings. When properties are not cleaned properly after Kingwood or Humble water damage, mold growth can occur.

After a devastating flood, fire, or other water damage, the first thought of many is to toss everything out. However, this may not be necessary – if you act quickly with the correct processes, tools, and cleaners. The professionals at Houston SERVPRO have the tools and expertise necessary to restore quickly your household items, antiques, artwork, furniture, clothing, drapes, and even photos so you can hold onto your family’s treasures.

One of the most difficult aspects of a disaster is the loss of keepsakes and items in the home. If you are faced with rising waters in your home, move quickly to higher ground. However, if you have time, and it is safe to move your keepsakes out of the line of water, do so with care. Move photo albums, fine art, antiques, and other items that are precious to your family to high shelves in closets or cabinets, or upstairs if your home is multilevel. Other items, such as upholstered furniture, drapes, clothing, and electrical equipment, can be replaced or restored after water damage.

If water levels rise quickly, as they often do in the Houston area, as soon as it is safe, move your keepsakes, out of the flooded area. Even after Mother Nature has caused Kingwood flood damage and has filled the water with muck, many items can be saved through the meticulously care and cleaning of our SERVPRO team. When water damage occurs, we spring into action the moment you call. From the pumping out of the water to the removal of carpet and drywall, to the drying out of your property with industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers, to the restoration of items in your home, we are there for you when disaster strikes.

Don’t lose hope when your home or office is inundated with flood waters; we can help. Our expertise and history of service within the restoration industry has led many insurance companies to grant SERVPRO status as a preferred cleanup and restoration company.  While many people attempt to clean up after a flood, the truth is that without industry-leading tools, your property can be overrun with mold in the coming months. If this happens, reach out to your local Humble mold remediation experts.

About Kingwood-Humble SERVPRO

The SERVPRO teams of Kingwood and Humble are Faster to Any Size Disaster, helping residential and commercial property owners when floods, fires, mold growths, sewage backups and other events happen. Our primary focus is to get your home back into a safe and healthy condition as quickly as possible. In addition to our neighbors in Kingwood and Humble, we proudly serve surrounding communities in the Houston area.