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Home Care 101: How to Prevent a House Fire

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Testing a smoke alarm Smoke detectors are a tried and tested fire safety technology

Common Causes of House Fire Incidents

The idea of experiencing a house fire can be scary. Too many people have already lost their homes, and others have succumbed to fire-related injuries. As a homeowner, don’t take your chances with these unforgiving flames. It would be better to implement a fire preparation plan.
Common causes of house fire incidents in Timberlane Acres, TX  include:

  • Careless smoking
  • Unattended kitchen appliances
  • Candles
  • Barbeques

Test Fire Alarms Regularly

Smoke detectors are a tried and tested fire safety technology that has saved millions of lives across the globe. However, these trusty devices can also fail or need a battery change at some point. Create an inspection schedule, say once a month, where you trigger them on purpose to see if they work. If any of them produces a faint sound, replace the batteries ASAP. In case it does not come on at all, consider replacing it.

Inspect Heating Sources

Inspecting your heat sources is one of the most important steps to fire preparation. Although these devices keep your family warm when temperatures plummet, they can also be the cause of a home fire. Clean the air filters regularly to make heat exchange a breeze. Any blockage could result in a fire as the stuck debris, and dust gets exposed to temperature levels that could ignite them.

Stay in the Kitchen

Whatever you do, don’t leave any fires unattended. Whether it’s a pot simmering on the stove or an electric appliance, be sure to take it off the relevant power source to avoid any accidents. When food particles burn to a certain point, they can catch fire and spread it to the cabinets, resulting in a house fire.
As a homeowner in Timberlane Acres, TX, it is upon you to implement fire preparation measures. Make sure adults supervise every open flame or heat source in your house. Also, have a fire escape plan in case things head south.

How Can You Minimize the Risk of Space Heater Fires at Home?

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Space heater Always remember to turn off your space heaters when you leave the house.

How Can You Minimize the Risk of Space Heater Fires at Home?

If you stop and consider the ways in which your Humble, TX, home may be at risk for fire, you could come up with a startlingly lengthy list. Near the top of the list of these potential causes is the dreaded space heater. A burned space heater can be a nasty culprit for disastrous fires. Understand how these heaters can cause fires and what you can do to eliminate the risks.

An Overview

While it’s true that space heaters are common causes for fires and needed for smoke cleanup, reducing fire risks doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with a few simple steps, you should be able to avoid a burned space heater in most circumstances.

• Turn off your space heater if you leave the area for an extended period.
• Clean the filters regularly.
• Leave plenty of space around the heater.

Turn it Off

A space heater can be your best friend on a cold day if your furnace isn’t working well or if you don’t have one. You may be thinking leaving it on all day will help warm up your home faster and more effectively. However, this will only increase the likelihood of it having problems or starting fires. When you leave your home, or if you don’t plan on being in a certain part of your house for a while, turn it off.

Clean the Filter

Don’t put off this important step. Keep extra filters handy and replace them as they become dirty. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual. It’s better to change it out unnecessarily than to leave it in too long.

Situate it properly

Don’t put your space heater in a cramped space or near blankets. Also, don’t plug in multiple space heaters in a single outlet.

If your space heater does cause a fire, get in touch with a professional smoke cleanup crew right away. However, if you follow these guidelines, you shouldn’t have to worry about fire or smoke concerns from a burned space heater.

Smoke and Soot Damage Remediation

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke with a sign that says SMOKE DAMAGE STINKS Call SERVPRO for your Fire Restorations

Smoke and Soot Damage Remediation

When assessing fire damage, smoke is a focal point. Although fire is the cause of the most noticeable damage that happens in a home, the least conspicuous hazards that are harmful health-wise are smoke and soot. In addition, smoke is the number one cause of death for fire victims.

Soot, a black powdery material produced by burning oil-based coal or wood items, is not difficult to distinguish from smoke. The circulation of carbon particulates from this matter settles on surfaces, resulting in lung diseases or death. When soot contaminants fill the home, an evaluation of the areas affected has to be completed. Using fire restoration specialists for this process is the best alternative to find out whether restoration is possible. SERVPRO makes it possible.

Water Damage

Another important detail that is frequently unnoticed after a severe fire is water damage. It is the last thing that comes to mind when faced with fire damage. Once fires are contained, affected areas should be dried completely to prevent added loss and damage to property. SERVPRO utilizes industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to dry carpet padding, carpet, furniture and other items saturated with water.

The key to expediting restoration and repair efforts when there is a fire in a Kingwood home is becoming knowledgeable about fire damage prior to the experience.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble is locally owned and operated and we are proud to be part of the Kingwood community.

Every fire damage event in Kingwood is a little different, and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. We can help. (281) 219-8180

4 Tips for Securing Your Property After a Fire

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

A woman looking at a building that has been burned down Fire damage in Crosby, TX

4 Tips for Securing Your Property After a Fire

You've probably gone to some effort to make your business secure by installing security systems, locks, and cameras. Maybe you have fencing along the perimeter of your property, and you may have lights set up to make sure your property is visible at all hours. Unfortunately, when your building suffers from fire damage, there's a good chance that some of that security has been affected:

  • Doors and windows may be broken or gone altogether.
  • Firefighters may have put holes in the roof and walls while fighting the flames.
  • The structure of your building may be weakened.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to be sure your Crosby, TX, property is still secure once the flames are out.

Before Damages Occur

One of the best things you can do to protect your business from financial losses associated with fire is to document your inventory and belongings. A video and written record of your inventory, equipment, furnishings, and everything else of value can be an important resource after the fire.

Set Up Temporary Fencing

If you don't already have a perimeter fence with secure gates, set one up while your building is vulnerable. You can prevent a lot of looting by adding increased security.

Prevent Unauthorized Entry

During fire cleanup, a lot of people will be coming and going through your property. Make sure you, or a designated person, has the chance to determine whether a person should be allowed in or not. You may not recognize all of the fire and water damage restoration professionals, but you need a way to determine whether each individual should be allowed in and a record that shows each person leaving.

Store Contents of Buildings in Secure Locations

Add extra locks and lights around your storage units or move your inventory and equipment to a secure location. Limit access to those locations. Check with your insurance provider; you may qualify for relocation money.

Don't let the vulnerable time after fire damage mean extra losses. Use these safety tips to minimize looting and related losses.

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Candle Fires

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

Aroma oil diffuser, on the top says ALTERNATIVES Essential Oil diffusers are a healthier alternative to canister aerosols for a better smelling home

Learn About the Risks of Using Candles

Many homeowners in Kingwood,TX, enjoy using candles in their homes. However, candles are a common cause of home fires. It can be useful for homeowners to learn about the risks of using candles and the multitude of candle alternatives available on the market today.

1. Do Candles Cause Fires Frequently?

Although candles are commonly used in homes, many homeowners don't realize the risks associated with using candles. Candles that are placed close to flammable items can easily catch fire, and children or pets often accidentally knock over candles. According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles caused over 8,000 home fires between 2012 and 2016. Many homeowners whose homes have sustained fire damage find it useful to contact fire restoration professionals.

2. What Are the Best Candle Alternatives?

There are various alternatives you can choose to use instead of candles. If you love the soft, warm glow candles give, then using flameless candles that use batteries or are plugged in can be a great option for you. Wax burners are a popular choice for those who love the smell of candles, as you can often find wax melts that have the same scent as your favorite candle. Oil diffusers are another great option for homeowners who enjoy fresh fragrances.

3. How Can You Prevent a Candle From Causing a Fire?

If you do choose to light a candle in your home, it's often important not to leave the candle unattended. It's also often wise to make sure the candle is well out of reach from any children or pets and to place the candle away from any items that may be flammable. One of the easiest ways to avoid a candle fire, of course, is to avoid using a candle and instead use an alternative.

Though candles are often nice to have, they can increase the risk of a home fire. Whether you are interested in a wax burner or a flameless candle, with so many candle alternatives, you can find an option that you can safely enjoy.

The 5 Simple Steps of the Restoration Process After a Fire

10/12/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged brick house with the windows boarded and the roof has a tarpaulin covering it Tarping and boarding services in a Pittsville, TX home

The 5 Simple Steps of the Restoration Process After a Fire

Once you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a fire in your home, you may feel overwhelmed by events. Those feelings are normal, but there are active steps you can take to begin to put your home – and your life – back together. If you have homeowner’s insurance in Pittsville,TX, you will be far better off if you leave the fire cleanup process to an experienced, professional smoke cleaning and soot damage restoration company. Once you contact them, they have a precise order to ensure your home is returned to the original condition:

  • Inspect and assess the damage.
  • Board up and tarp to prevent further damage.
  • Water removal and drying.
  • Removal of soot and smoke residue.
  • Final cleaning and sanitizing.

Inspection and Assessment

The company will send out a team of professional inspectors to determine the best course and what tools they need to complete the job. During the fire cleanup process, they will determine if wiring and pipes have been impacted, the extent of smoke damage and any hazardous conditions.

Board-Up and Tarping

The immediate priority after a fire is to prevent any further damage. Boards and tarps provide an excellent barrier to elements and would-be thieves.

Water Removal and Drying

Air circulation equipment, including fans and negative pressure devices, will speed up this essential step. Dehumidifiers are also used to get the moisture out of walls and flooring as fast as possible. Then a further assessment is made to determine what can be saved and what must be replaced.

Soot and Smoke Cleaning

This takes specialized equipment and techniques that experienced fire cleanup personnel have to complete the job. Done correctly, the odor of smoke should be completely eliminated.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

All exposed surfaces and personal items that were smoke and soot damaged will be restored or replaced during the final fire cleanup process. Air scrubbers and fogging devices may also be used. Once complete, a home in Pittsville,TX, can be just as nice and beautiful as it was the day you moved in!

Limit the Damage From a Fire With Content Cleaning

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Pieces of a bathroom damaged by fire Fire damaged contents in a Kingwood, TX school

After a commercial fire, it is tempting to think that all of your items are damaged beyond repair. The smell of smoke has a way of infiltrating the fabrics and materials of a company, making them appear unusable. However, with a professional dry-cleaning many of the items will be able to be saved. If your business is located in Kingwood,TX, you will be able to ask for the help of the experts. They will have a variety of techniques to clean everything from electronics to documents to uniforms. After the threat has passed, and the safety of everyone has been established, you can begin the process of restoring your building and its contents to a better condition.

The Best Methods for Cleaning After a Fire

If you want your commercial building cleaned up "Like it never even happened." then you need the help of fire damage cleanup team. They will make sure you get the best content cleaning available in Kingwood, TX. They will have training on cleaning up the following problems associated with fire, smoke and soot damage:

  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Document cleaning
  • Odor control
  • Upholstery and fabric cleaning
  • Water damage restoration

The best methods for cleaning include dry-cleaning for clothes and ultra-sonic measures for non-porous items. Best of all, you will be able to save many items and still be able to safely use them. The odor of smoke will be addressed through the use of effective equipment and cleaning methods, allowing employees to return to work faster.

The Top Services

If you are in need of cleaning, restoration, content storage or a fast response it's best to work with professionals. They can help municipalities, universities, property managers and other industries cope with a damaging event. So if you need dry-cleaning or document cleaning or some other service make sure to call in the experts for best results.

Lone Star College Kingwood Enrolling Students for Fire Science Technology AAS Degree

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Lone Star College Kingwood Enrolling Students for Fire Science Technology AAS Degree

Lone Star College Kingwood Enrolling Students for Fire Science Technology AAS Degree this specialized two year associates degree program enhances a firefighters' knowledge base and helps promote advancement opportunities for career firefighters.

The degree is a two year program that allows graduates to enter into the workforce quickly, if students have participated in the Basic Structural Firefighter Certificate Level program those credits may be applied to this degree program,.  The Fire Science Technology AAS Degree is available at LSC CyFair, Kingwood and Montgomery campuses.  

The summary of the program posted online includes: "The associate of applied science degree in fire science technology is designed to enhance firefighters’ knowledge base and help students obtain advancement opportunities in the fire service field. The program is also designed to provide opportunities for job advancement for currently employed fire fighters. The structural firefighting certificate is for students wanting to pursue entry-level opportunities as fire fighters. Interested students should contact fire science technology faculty for information regarding application and admission to the program."

"Lone Star College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College to award Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees."

After a Commercial Fire: What Now?

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

a silver cleaning machine Equipment to mitigate fire in Kingwood, TX

After a Commercial Fire: What Now?

As a business owner in Kingwood, TX, you need to be prepared for the consequences of a commercial fire. You should be ready to deal with possible expenses due to the cost of fire restoration and time lost while your business is closed. Luckily, you can greatly minimize the loss of time and money by taking the following steps.

1. Talk to Your Insurance Company

Contact your fire insurance company right away to let them know what's happened. The sooner you can file a claim and get an adjuster out to look at the damage, the sooner they can release the funds you need to get your building repaired and restored.

2. Call a Professional Fire Mitigation Company

Next, you should seek out the services of a fire restoration company. These professionals can come out immediately to do any needed emergency repairs and make a thorough inspection. They will then begin the process of removing any excess water left behind by fire hoses, smoke cleaning, and repair and restoration of the building.

3. Assessing Damage and Removing Property

When you can enter the building again, take care to wear a breathing mask to protect yourself from lingering smoke. Make an inventory of equipment that's been damaged, such as computers, phones, important documents and any other items. The insurance company will need this information for any possible reimbursement. Try to salvage as much equipment as possible. Much of it may be usable after a careful professional cleaning.

5. Bring in an Arson Investigation Team

It's a good idea to hire a forensics team to determine if there was any foul play. If there was arson involved, your insurer needs this information. If a guilty party is found, they may want to file charges and recover their costs.

Hopefully, you won't ever have to deal with fire restoration in your place of business. But if so, you'll be ready to take quick action by using the information outlined above.

Important Fire Damage Restoration Tips for Kingwood

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fires in a house can even occur on that unusual snowy day?

Some Tips for a Kingwood Fire Damaged Home

Many residential owners are amazed by the post challenges they are faced with after property fire damage in their Kingwood homes. Fires are deadly and capable of causing a great deal of property loss; therefore, as much information as possible must be collected. This information will increase the chances of making a speedy recovery. The following is a collaboration with a FEMA report, offering several helpful fire restoration tips.

Assessment of Property

The first step that property owners have to complete is the evaluation of the cause and dollar amount of fire damage incurred. Failure to notice items for evaluation can easily occur in the midst of chaos. Therefore, it is vitally important to carefully review the items with a fire inspector before choosing to use them in the home. These items include:

• Edible goods
• Eating utensils and dishes
• Furnishings
• Clothing
• Carpeting
• Flooring

Contaminated dishes, food and eating utensils are considered damaged items, since they have the potential to cause serious illnesses. Have these items inspected by a fire restoration service prior to using them again. If they are unusable, throw them away.

What Is Kingwood/Humble Soot Restoration?

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

House fires can cause major stress for occupants, and the trauma can be compounded by the need to find restoration services for the home.

What is soot restoration?

House fires can cause major stress for occupants, and the trauma can be compounded by the need to find restoration services for the home. Of all the ways in which fire can damage a home, soot is one of the most complicated to address. Not only does soot present challenges during removal, but it also creates risks of further damage to the property if cleaners try to remove the soot without first determining the specific type of residue present. In most cases, soot is deposited in the form of oily matter that embeds itself into materials that are exposed to smoke. This highlights the importance of having Kingwood/Humble soot removed by professionals who are experienced in the techniques required. Effective soot restoration has many facets, and the value of knowledge and proper equipment cannot be underestimated when choosing professionals to handle the job.

Soot Types Requiring Restoration

The types of soot present in a home must be identified and considered by the cleaners who are working to eliminate it. No matter what type of soot is involved, unique cleaning practices will be necessary, and certain hazards will require consideration. The three types of soot to remember are:

  • Dry soot residue: This type results from fires that burn quickly at high temperature. The residue resulting from such fires tends to be powdery, dry and resistant to smearing.
  • Wet soot residue: Soot created by fires that smolder at low heat is of this type. Wet residue is known for its stickiness as well as its tendency to smear and give off a penetrating smell.
  • Protein residue: You may not immediately notice this residue as it is nearly transparent, but the varnishes and paints throughout your home may become discolored in its presence. Like wet soot residue, protein residue is likely to smell strongly.

Certain techniques are required for effective removal of each of the three types of soot residue. In each case, the experience and knowledge of the cleaner will determine the level of results that homeowners can expect. All forms of soot residue can present challenges that make removal impractical or impossible for homeowners to attempt themselves. Professional soot removal in Kingwood/Humble  also makes use of specialized equipment for thorough elimination of the damage.

Hazards of Attempting Soot Restoration Without Experience

For several reasons, you should always avoid trying to restore Kingwood/Humble soot damage without professional experience in this field. The ability of soot residue to soak into the surfaces it reaches can result in extreme difficulty for amateur cleaners. Furthermore, soot residue can cause damage in addition to simply sullying objects in the home. Just hours after a fire occurs, the soot left behind will begin to destroy a variety of materials. For example, plastics, furniture, appliances and marble countertops can become irreversibly stained. This is why you should call soot restoration professionals without delay if your home is damaged by a fire.

Professional soot restoration is an essential service if fire deposits soot on surfaces in your home. While you may be tempted to try removing the soot on your own, this is a bad idea as it can result in indelible damage to virtually everything you own. If you want to learn more about how you can find the most qualified professional to handle soot restoration in your home, consider asking the agent who handles your homeowners' insurance for assistance.

Fire Damage Restoration

We understand that smoke and fire damage is both devastating and disruptive to your family or business. SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble Professionals respond quickly to repair fire, smoke, and soot damage, including:

  • Fire damage cleanup
  • Smoke and soot damage cleaning and repair
  • Cleaning your home's contents and belongings
  • Eliminating fire and smoke odor and deodorization

Cooking Safety Tips: Reduce Fires at Home

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Porter,TX

Cooking Safety Tips

You do not want to start a fire in your Porter,TX, home, nor do you want to deal with the fire damage that could be left in the aftermath of such a disaster. The risk of a fire at home can be reduced by practicing safety in the kitchen. Here are 3 tips to cook more safely so you can avoid a grease fire or another similar disaster.

1. Don’t Leave the Kitchen

One of the most important things to remember is to never leave hot appliances unattended. If you are cooking, make every effort to stay in the kitchen until you are done. You also want to make sure to keep children and animals away from hot or fiery surfaces. Pets and kids do not understand cooking safety and may even accidentally start a fire.

2. Turn Everything Off

When you are done cooking, make sure all appliances are turned off. If you have been using countertop appliances, make sure to unplug them after you are done with them. This is one time where you cannot be too careful, as a piece of kitchen equipment that is left turned on or plugged in can lead to a fire.

3. Keep Flammables Away

This is one of the most important tips for cooking safety: never keep items that can catch fire near the stove top. You may think that an item is secure, but you never know when an accident will happen, causing something to fall on a lit stove.

It’s never a bad idea for a homeowner to take extra safety measures. Being more mindful of your safe operation of kitchen tools while cooking will help you to keep your home safe from fire hazards. Remembering and implementing the three tips above puts you in a better position to make smart choices when cooking at home so you can avoid dealing with a fire and resulting damage.

Avoiding Cigarette Fires in Your Home

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

A cigarette fire in Kingwood, TX or anywhere else it could occur, is preventable by practicing a bit of common sense while indulging in a habit that many find relaxing. Fire cleanup, whether a small convenience or major undertaking, is an activity that no one would find relaxing.

Ways to Avoid Fires from Cigarettes

It is a fact that smoking indoors is a leading cause of house fires. Before lighting up, consider the following tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

• Smoke outdoors. Homes are filled with flammable materials; an additional benefit to smoking outside is that you can avoid the need to deodorize your home from cigarette smoke.
• Do not smoke while taking medications that increase drowsiness. Avoid alcohol consumption that might also make you less aware of your surroundings.
• Make sure to completely put out your cigarette. Cigarette butts can smolder for hours.
• Never smoke in bed. You are more likely to fall asleep there, and bedrooms are typically filled with combustible materials.
• Empty ashtrays regularly to avoid an ashtray fire.
• Use an ashtray with a wide base or with a weighted bottom to prevent tip overs.
• Do not smoke around medical oxygen tanks. They can explode from exposure to sparks or flames.
• Use water to make sure that cigarettes are completely out before putting butts into trash receptacles.
• Do not leave a lighted cigarette unattended. Pets, children, or even gravity could dislodge it and bring it into contact with flammable material.
• Vaping also poses fire and burn risks because electronic cigarettes can, and have been known to, explode.

All fire personnel know that a cigarette fire is an all-too-common occurrence that can be easily avoided with some foresight. Responsible smoking practices can serve the dual purpose of indulging in a personal pleasure and keeping yourself and others safe. Visit for more information on fire damage

3 Actions To Take After a House Fire

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

The aftermath of a fire in your Kingwood, TX, home is often difficult to face.

After a fire sweeps through your Kingwood, TX, home, the cleanup process can seem insurmountable. With belongings to salvage and sort, damage to catalog and smoke and soot to clean up, you may not know where to begin. However, there are a few steps you can take to begin the fire restoration process, and they may give you peace of mind as you attempt to recover from a blaze.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Once the fire is completely extinguished and you are certain everyone is safe, put in a call to your insurance company as soon as possible. Filing a claim with your fire insurance agent within 24 hours of the incident might help him or her process it with more efficiency. This could mean a quicker payout to help cover the cost of repairs and smoke cleaning.

2. Avoid Disturbing Affected Rooms

While you may want to enter fire-damaged rooms to retrieve certain items, doing so isn’t always safe and could compromise any type of inspection your insurance adjuster performs. If possible, tape off any affected areas and do not let any family members enter. You’ll likely be anxious to start the fire restoration process; however, waiting for insurance and cleanup professionals to arrive first may help the process go more smoothly.

3. Call in Fire Cleanup Experts

The mess left behind after a fire is sometimes considerable, so calling in a company that specializes in smoke cleaning and restoration can be an effective step in recovery. Cleanup technicians who are trained in this area can bring in air scrubbing and fogging machines to remove soot and smoke from your carpeting, walls and ceiling. They may also be able to advise you about photo and document recovery and restoration as well.

The aftermath of a fire in your Kingwood, TX, home is often difficult to face. However, knowing which steps to take right away can streamline the fire restoration process and allow you to recover quickly. For more information, visit

5 Ways To Avoid Cigarette Fires in Your Home

2/9/2018 (Permalink)

There are many reasons to give up smoking. From health concerns to requiring constant house odor removal, cigarettes cause a lot of problems. Another concern is that smoking greatly increases the chances of a fire breaking out in your home in Kingwood, TX. A cigarette fire can start relatively easily, so if you or someone in your household smokes, follow these safety precautions.

1. Smoke Outside

Smoking outside is one of the easiest things you can do. This also prevents the tobacco smell from circulating throughout your abode. There are many things inside a house that can catch fire, so keeping all cigarettes outdoors is an easy solution to avoid needing fire cleanup.

2. Avoid Smoking While Drowsy

If you do smoke inside the house, then you should avoid doing so when tired. Smoking should never take place on the bed because the cigarette can fall and make the bedding catch fire.

3. Clean Ashtrays Regularly

An ashtray fire can break out if you leave lit cigarettes behind. In the event the ashtray fills up too much, then the hot ash can fall over the edge and increase the chances of a cigarette fire breaking out.

4. Avoid Smoking While Drinking Alcohol or Taking Medication

You may feel a little loopy when taking other substances. When you are disoriented, it is easy to lose track of where you left your cigarettes.

5. Keep Cigarettes Out of Children’s Reach

This should go without saying, but you always want to keep cigarettes in an area where children cannot get them. Even if your children do not smoke them, they may still drop a lit cigarette and cause a fire.

With all this being said, the easiest way to avoid a cigarette fire is to give up smoking entirely. Giving up tobacco will be advantageous for your health, and you can rest a little easier at night.

For more information, visit

Dealing With Smoke Damage After a Fire

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Dealing With Smoke Damage After a Fire

Dealing with a fire in Kingwood, Texas isn't easy. In many cases, you’ll be facing destroyed or damaged personal belongings, haggling with your insurance company and generally attempting to get your home back into working order. Throughout all of this, it can seem like the practical solution to simply throw belongings affected by smoke into the trash. However, this can be a huge waste of money, especially when many of your items can be recovered through dry cleaning and other means. By investing in a bit of content cleaning and content storage, you can get your home back on track without having to replace everything. The first steps you should take toward handling smoke damage include:

1. Safety First

Ensure that you’re ventilating the space you’re in as effectively as possible, and wear a mask whenever you’re in enclosed spaces. In fact, it’s always a great idea to get the professionals in on the job. Professional smoke removal crews have all the equipment needed to get the job done faster, safer, and more effectively.

2. Cleaning

Once you have your safety gear at the ready, it’s time to start cleaning. While it might seem easy to just begin throwing things away, your best chance to save a bit of cash during this step is to salvage what you can. Remember:

Dry cleaning can help to restore clothing items to their previous state along with small pillows and other washable items.
Non-porous surfaces may undergo ultrasonic treatments to remove smoky smells.
Invest in content storage for items that are unaffected until the job’s done.

Post-fire content cleaning and dry cleaning can be difficult, but by knowing the proper steps to take and working with a team of reliable professionals, you can get your home back in working order sooner rather than later. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How much does it cost to restore a home after a fire?

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

If a fire has devastated your greater Houston metropolitan area home, it is natural to be overwhelmed by the road to recovery. The Kingwood and Humble SERVPRO team understands that you have many questions. Among these, you may be wondering “How much is it going to cost to restore my home after fire damages it?”

We understand that finances are a concern, and want you to know that help is available. In the vast majority of fire damage cases, insurance will pay a significant portion of the restoration costs, excluding the deductible. Our reputation throughout the industry is such that SERVPRO is the recommended emergency restoration provider for many insurance companies, and we can work directly with your insurance company if desired.

Here is a quick overview of what it will take to get your home back to its original state:

·         Damage assessment of interior and exterior. This thorough inspection should include HVAC, duct work, wiring, plumbing, roof, windows, floors, walls, and other structural elements.

·         Inventory of every item in the home and categorization of each item as salvageableunsalvageable, or questionable.

·         Cleaning and restoration of salvageable personal items, fine art, photographs, important documents, antiques, and furniture. Fine art and antiques may require specialized professionals.

·         Evaluation, testing, and cleaning of electronic devices and appliances. Heat, soot, smoke, and water may have caused damage to wiring, even in rooms not directly affected by the fire.

·         Removal and disposal of damaged drywall, structural supports, floors and subfloors, insulation, and windows. Damage may be due to water, smoke, flames, heat, or fire-fighting efforts.

·         Rebuilding of walls and structural supports, and new window installationDepending on your home’s level of smoke, flame, and water damage, warped windows, damaged roof, saturated floors and carpets, marred cabinetry, etc., may also need to be replaced.

·         Cleaning, sealing, and repainting of walls that are structurally sound and not water damaged, but have been affected by smoke. Deodorizing is a key piece of recovery from a fire. Best practices must be utilized to make sure that chemical and smoke odors don’t linger.

·         Moving in after cleaning, restoration, and rebuilding is complete!

As you can see, it is difficult to compute the cost of restoring your home after a fire. The scope of the project requires significant time, as well as specialized training and  equipment. Every damaged home must be assessed by industry professionals. For this reason, Houston SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, and we have the expertise, tools, and protocols necessary to restore your home to its preloss condition. Within just a few hours we can be onsite, starting the fire, smoke, and soot restorationprocess so that you can get back into your home fast.

Addressing Residential Fire Damage

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Addressing Residential Fire Damage

As a property owner, one of the most difficult things you can deal with is when your home or business experiences a fire. While experiencing a fire can be quite troubling, there are solutions to minimize the effects of a fire in your home or business. One of the best things to do when your property catches fire is to get assistance from a restoration company. This type of company will be able to provide a number of services for you such as fire cleanup and other forms of fire damage restoration. It will also board up parts of your property in order to protect it from debris and protecting others for hazardous particles. With the help of this type of company, you will be in position to have your property recover from a fire.

One of the reasons why it is important to use a restoration company to perform fire damage restoration is to help address fire damage. When you experience fire damage, the property structures will likely begin to fall apart and break down. Fire damage can significantly reduce the value of your property as well. As a way to help address fire damage, a company will board up parts of the property and begin eliminating the debris with special equipment. It will also provide general fire cleanup as well to help you. With fire cleanup, a company will not only eliminate debris but also cleanse the property. By getting fire cleanup services, your property will be in position to reach full restoration sooner. Therefore, fire cleanup is one of the more valuable services to get when hiring a company to restore your property from a fire.

Another benefit of using a restoration company to help with fire damage restoration is to address both smoke damage and a smoke smell. When smoke damage occurs, the property will accumulate the smoke and begin to break down the structures. Smoke damage will also ruin the appearance of the property as well. Along with breaking down the property structures and ruining the appearance, smoke damage can also leave a smoke smell. This smoke smell will often leave a very unpleasant odor. A smoke smell will also emit toxic fumes that can be quite hazardous. As a result, it is ideal to get a company that provides restoration in order to eliminate a smoke smell and address smoke damage. Companies will usually help with this process by using a board up procedure and then use chemicals and equipment to eliminate smoke and its odors.

When seeking the services of a restoration company to provide fire damage restoration, it is important to address soot damage as well. Soot damage is when a collection of particles get onto parts of the property. The soot damage will then begin to break down the structures of a property as well. Along with breaking down the structures of the property, soot damage will also ruin the appearance of a property as well. In order to address soot damage, a company will board up various areas and then use equipment to eliminate the soot and help restore the property.

One of the most common reasons why restoration services are used is because of a fire in home. There are a number situations where a fire in home incurs significant damage. A fire in home can also lead to displacement as well as making it very hazardous. As a result, homeowners will want to use the services of a restoration company in order to help sanitize the home and get rid of fire, smoke and soot.

While home fires are the more common scenarios when a property experiences a fire, there are times when there is commercial fire damage caused by a fire in business. A fire in business will often incur significant damage and hazards for property owners. Commercial fire damage is quite costly and therefore, it is important that owners of such properties use restoration services. A company will usually address commercial fire damage caused by a fire in business by using the usual procedures of eliminating smoke, soot and excess flames from a fire. It will also use specialized equipment in order to help restore the property that has experienced commercial fire damage due to a fire in business.
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Restoration Company

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damage is one of the most devastating calamities that can befall individuals and construction. Fire damage is capable of bringing to ash anything from vegetation to large buildings. After a fire strikes a premise, it is vital to proceed with caution. When it comes to commercial fire damage restoration, you should not attempt to do it on your own, seek a certified firefighter or repair company to do the work, do not endeavor to do any cleaning or renovation after commercial fire damage. If you proceed without consulting the experts, you may injure yourself and even make the utility room fire situation worse.

In the event of an electrical fire or a utility room fire, you should alert your insurance company and take as many photos of the destruction as you can to show to them. Your next move should be to get in touch with a commercial fire damage restoration company to begin the fire restoration process.

The process of electrical fire restoration includes:
• Assessment of the destroyed property
• Removal and disposal of unwanted clutter
• Fixing Board ups and roof tarps
• Drying of water from fire trucks, fire sprinkler systems and fire hoses
• Removal of soot and smoke
• Cleaning
• Utility room fire restoration

The fire damage restoration process needs to be carried out by certified and trained specialists who are equipped with tools such as fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses, fire trucks, and able to handle issues such as electrical fires, smoke damage, soot damage and other aspects of fire suppression.

How to choose a good fire restoration company
There are various points to consider before choosing the best firefighter and fire suppression company to employ. Below are certain criteria to look at as you weigh your decision:

1. License
For you to decide on a restoration company, you must ensure that their firefighters and are authorized by the government to undertake reconstruction jobs. Make sure the equipment they use such as fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses and fire trucks are in the proper working order. You can do this by searching the company on the licensed business data base or by looking for the company on the web.

2. Personal Referrals
It is recommended to use a fire restoration organization that has already been tried and tested. Seek out people who have been affected by fire damage, soot damage or smoke damage, and get from them references and reviews on the firefighters, or electrical fire restoration company they used.

3. Cost effectiveness
Employ a repair company that will go easy on your pocket. Find out whether your insurance provides for fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage restoration, and plan a budget appropriately. You should avoid spending a lot of money for commercial fire damage restoration services you can receive at lower prices.

4. Type of smoke damage, soot damage or fire damage

It is fundamental to know what sort of electrical fire damage you have undergone. The repair company may be able to restore some of the damage caused, but if your electronics have been affected, you may need to contact another company or get one that can renovate all forms of destruction.

5. Availability and accessibility

The company you select should be available at all hours of the day and accessible. Disaster can strike at any time, and you need to choose a company which can get to your rescue as soon as an electrical fire erupts and is reliable to deliver an excellent service.

6. Technical Knowledge
Restoration requires the use of sophisticated industrial tools and equipment such as fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses and fire trucks to get the job done. You should find fire suppression experts who can handle these machines and who have them in plenty to avoid shortage if calamity strikes in many places at once.

7. Services offered.
You should research on the fire suppression and restoration company of your liking and make sure that they cover a broad range of utility room fire restorations. It would be disappointing if, after employing the company, you find that they can’t handle the sort of destruction the fire has caused.
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Benefits of Hiring Professional Fire Damage Restoration Personnel

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Fire Damage Restoration Personnel

It is important to seal all the loopholes that could cause a fire in your home. Despite the efforts and measures that you put up, however, it can still happen to cause a lot of fire damage. I hope that you will not be a victim of a fire in your business, but if this happens, it is imperative that you begin a fire cleanup immediately. Taking more time will increase the chances of mildew and mold to start growing from fire damage and water spillage. If you let mildew and mold to grow, the fire cleanup will be more tasking and dangerous.

Hiring professional fire damage restoration services for a fire cleanup is important. Since experiencing a fire in a home is a traumatic experience, using professionals to take care of the fire cleanup would ensure that a lot is saved. This is because a fire in your home does not have to lead to a total loss. There is so much that can be done by a restoration company to ensure that you have retained some valuables.

Why Choose Professionals?

Professional fire damage restoration is best delivered by people who have an extensive operational experience in the field. The professionals have the skills and knowledge that make them best suited to mitigate a fire damage. They are also licensed and certified to provide fire damage restoration services. These professionals have all the necessary equipment and tools to handle any commercial fire damage. Their response and plan for the fire in a business are superb, and they start their work immediately the fire is put out.

What Does A Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Company Do?

Fire in a home causes smoke damage that leads to a smoke smell that can last for a very long time if not cleaned up properly. Smoke damage is one of the most visible results of the fire in a business because it leaves black traces and leads to soot damage from burnt items. To ensure an effective restoration of a property from smoke damage and soot damage, the restoration company will board up the area immediately to prevent any intruders from getting into the property. The board up also safeguards the owner’s privacy, as there are things they would not want to be exposed to their neighbors and passersby.

One of the major steps that a professional restoration company will do is to board up the area before taking a fire damage assessment. A damage assessment involves examining both the outside and inside of your home. They will check the extent of smoke damage and soot damage in the house. They would also check for other damages such as smoke smell, cracks on the walls, and water damage. This will allow them to give an estimated cost of restoring your property after a commercial fire damage.

Using a professional restoration company after a commercial fire damage will ensure that your property is restored to its original condition. They would choose items that are completely damaged from those that can be repaired and used again. The most important thing is to assess whether there was damage to the foundation and walls of the house. Smoke smell and soot damage can be restored after other aspects such as painting is complete.

Regardless of the size of the fire in your business, a professional’s services are the most efficient and effective in helping you overcome a commercial fire damage. Their plan ensures that nothing is left out and they will safeguard your interests by making sure that they board up the area immediately. They also clean, repair, and restore your property thus preventing deterioration. Their services will eliminate even the slightest of smoke smell from your home.

Contacting a professional fire restoration company in advance will help them to come up with an immediate plan to handle the restoration procedure. Using professionals can never disappoint especially if you pick the most accredited and experienced restoration company.
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Common Fire Damage Clues

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Common Fire Damage Clues

The Hazards of Fire in Home and Fire in Business Problems

A fire can be a devastating situation regardless of your specific location. Fire in home and fire in business situations can both be highly distressing. If you suspect that you have any degree of fire damage, you can't just sit around. You have to recruit a professional fire damage restoration company that can offer you swift and efficient assistance. Fire cleanup is a process that calls for a lot of skill and experience. Smoke damage can be a serious issue. The same goes for soot damage. If you notice any persistent smoke smell anywhere on your property, immediate attention is critical, no two ways about it. It doesn't matter if you have business or commercial fire damage. You need prompt help from qualified technicians who can save the day.

Typical Fire Damage Signs

Fire damage isn't a joke. That's why it's important for people to be able to easily and quickly pinpoint signs of smoke damage and soot damage. If you have smoke damage or soot damage, that's a sign that you need to get in touch with a business that specializes in fire in home and fire in business work. Possible signs of residential and commercial fire damage include ceiling stains, wall stains and plaster surface stains. These stains usually show up extremely quickly. They don't wait around. There are other signs that frequently emerge after some time has gone by as well. Corrosion and rusting issues tend to develop after several hours or so. Look carefully at any metal hardware that may be present in your property. If you observe any hints of corrosion and rusting whatsoever, that can point to home or commercial fire damage. It's also critical, last but not least, to give fabrics on your property some attention. If your fabrics have taken on an unusual appearance, that means something. That means that there's a good chance that you have smoke damage. Don't forget, either, that a lasting smoke smell is never a good thing. If you have a stubborn smoke smell on your property, you need to deal with it without delay.

Reputable Professional Service Is Essential

Soot, smoke and fire damage can lead to many significant issues. If you have a fire in home or fire in business emergency, you need to treat it like one. Fire damage restoration isn't a job that's suited for amateurs who lack experience and training. Fire cleaning isn't one, either. That means that you have to search for an established business that offers professional fire cleanup services. It shouldn't be hard to find fire damage restoration businesses that are nearby. You shouldn't pick a fire damage restoration company at random, however. Look for highly respected firms that know the ins and outs of commercial fire damage, soot damage and beyond. Try to find firms that are known for top-quality fire cleanup work. A smoke smell that just won't go away is never a pleasant thing.

Take Advantage of the Internet

The Internet is always a helpful resource for people who need professional fire cleanup help. Online searches can help you find nearby technicians who are trained, experienced, proficient and hard-working. Your objective should be to get rid of any last remnant of fire damage, period. It can be difficult for people who aren't professional technicians to understand the gravity of smoke damage, soot damage and fire damage in general. That's why seasoned professional service is so vital. Professional attention can keep your home or business setting safe and enjoyable for all. It can free your mind of worries and concerns, too. A smoke smell can be highly off-putting to other people. It can make living in your home miserable and unbearable. It can stop people from wanting to visit your business as well. If you make a point to work with capable professionals, you can make an obnoxious smoke smell a thing of the past.
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How to Clean Up Fire Damage

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How to Clean Up Fire Damage

A fire in a home or a fire in a business can lead to long-lasting problems. Fire cleanup can take a long time, partly because the damage can come in many different forms. Smoke damage, soot damage, and even the smoke smell all need to be dealt with separately. That makes fire damage restoration difficult, but it's not an insurmountable task for those who are willing to do some hard work, research strategies, and call in help when they need it.

Start With Inspections

The first step in the fire damage restoration process is examining the property and making a list of all of the fire damage. This is true in cases of both residential and commercial fire damage, but it is usually more important after a fire in a home because residential spaces tend to have more nooks and crannies where damage could be hiding.

It is best to divide the fire damage into two categories based on the extent of the problem. Some damage, especially superficial soot damage, can be cleaned without replacing any materials. In other cases, such as extensive smoke damage and some cases of severe smoke smell, the fire cleanup will include replacing damaged wood or furniture. Dividing the fire damage into types at this stage will ensure that the fire cleanup goes as efficiently as possible.

Arrange Structural Solutions

The next step is preventing further damage. When dealing with commercial fire damage, this often means moving undamaged merchandise to a safe storage place. Recovering from a fire in a home requires doing the same to undamaged property. After either a fire in a home or a fire in a business, it is also vital to seal the building off. Boarding up windows and covering holes with tarps will ensure that environmental problems do not compound the fire damage. There is a possible exception in the case of commercial fire damage in a shared and partially undamaged space, since other businesses may want to remain open, but the space should be as contained and controlled as possible.

Deal With Water

The fire cleanup itself actually begins by getting rid of water. Damaged pipes often leak, and firefighters can leave water in the area from when they suppressed the fire. Since water encourages wood and other structural materials to rot, it can be even more dangerous than smoke damage. The process should start by manually draining as much water as possible, but most people also need dehumidifiers to get rid of the last remnants.

Clean Smoke and Soot

The fire damage restoration can begin once the area is dry. Soot damage is the easiest place to start, since removing it is largely a matter of scrubbing it with a mix of trisodium phosphate or a similar cleaner and water. The cleaning agent can be harsh, so it's important to wear gloves while cleaning soot damage. It can take several cleaning sessions to deal with the mess, so persistence is a virtue, but some stains can be impossible to remove.

Dealing with smoke damage and the smoke smell is the next step. Cleaning most textiles will be impossible, but getting the smoke smell out of the walls is an option. Vinegar, activated charcoal, and commercial odor-reducing chemicals can all help to get rid of the smell, but fresh air is the most powerful tool. As long as everything that has trapped the smoke smell has been removed, it will eventually air out.

Restore Surfaces

Fire damage restoration ends with surface restoration and replacement. At this stage, the owner repairs anything that can be repair, repaints surfaces, and replaces anything that was destroyed. This is the most expensive part of the process, so it's best to prioritize the most important repairs to make sure they get done.

Getting Help

When in doubt, it's best to get help, especially when repairing commercial fire damage. A fire in a business can do extensive and expensive damage, and complete restoration is crucial. If any pockets of damage remain, they can disgust clients and encourage them to choose a competitor. Help is also valuable after a home fire to make sure the home becomes comfortable once again, but it's easier to recover over time after a fire at home than after a fire in a business.
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Houston Home Health: Holiday Fire Safety Tips

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The holiday season is already upon us. Are you ready? This time of year is filled with parties, long work days, after school events, and endless shopping. It is also the time of year when people that normally have an eye on safety let some protocols slip through the cracks. Your local SERVPRO of Kingwood and Humble, the leading fire damage restoration in the area, encourages all of our community members to remember these 6 potential fire hazards throughout the busiest time of the year.


Frying Turkeys. Deep fried turkeys are a tradition for many families in the greater Houston metropolitan area, and for good reason. The skin crisp, and the meat is juicy and tender. But the problem is that frying a turkey is dangerous. The combination of a flame, gallons of boiling oil, and the potential for flare ups, it is essential to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of the turkey fryer exactly. Keep the fryer away from all structures, and only use it outdoors on a flat non-flammable or combustible surface like dirt, brick, or concrete.


Fireplace. Relaxing by the fire at the end of a hectic day is a great way to unwind. While fires in fireplaces are generally safe, it is important to dispose of ashes and coals properly. As the coals and ashes remain hot and flammable for days, dispose of them only into metal containers, and wet them down. Never use the vacuum to remove ashes from the fireplace. Additionally, your Houston SERVPRO team highly recommends that you use fireplace screens whenever you have a fire, and remember to have your chimney inspected annually and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep as recommended.


Christmas Decorations. Be mindful of holiday decorations, both those that plug in and those that have the potential to be flammable. Never use Christmas lights that have damaged cords, never place Christmas trees (whether artificial or real) near a fireplace, space heater, or other source of heat to prevent Houston fire damage to your home.


Extension Cords. Never use extension cords other than advised by the manufacturer. This includes using extension cords designed for indoor use, outdoors. When hanging Christmas lights, never exceed the number of strands as recommended as this can cause overheating leading to a fire.


Space Heaters. While it may be tempting, never leave a space on while you are away from your home, or sleeping. Never use extension cords, and when selecting a space heater for your home, chose one that has an auto shut-off feature. Always operate space heaters on a flat nonflammable surface, and keep it a minimum of 4 feet away from curtains, books and magazines, bedding, and other flammable items.


Candles. Never allow candles to burn through the night, and never leave lit candles left unattended, even for a moment. Keep candles at least 3 feet away from flammable items including upholstered furniture, power cords, and curtains.


While we at SERVPRO Kingwood and Humble recognize this is a hectic time, we encourage you to keep an eye on your safety. Take a moment to review your fire evacuation plan, and make sure that holiday decorations do not inhibit a safe evacuation. Rest assured if your home is affected this season by fire or water damage, rest assured that our expert teams will dispatch as quickly as possible to begin the restoration process. Call on us anytime, we are available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays.


About the Kingwood-Humble SERVPRO

Located in Houston SERVPRO teams of Kingwood and Humble are Faster to Any Size Disaster, helping residential and commercial property owners when floods, fires, mold growths, sewage backups, and other events affect your home. Our primary focus is to get your home back into a safe and healthy condition as quickly as possible.


Houston Home Safety: Prevent Home Fires This Winter

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Houston Home Safety: Prevent Home Fires This Winter



Even with our mild climate, home fires increase throughout the Houston metropolitan area each winter. To prevent fire damage to your Houston area home be mindful of potential fire hazards, and be prepared to evacuate yourself, your family, and your pets the moment the smoke detector goes off. Houston area SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview stands at the ready to assist our community whenever disaster strikes. While we sincerely hope that you will not need our services, rest assured that in the event your home or business is damaged, we will respond quickly with expert technicians to help you recover from a fire or Houston water damage.


Many fires in homes are caused by common, everyday appliances. Here is a snapshot of how to use these items properly to help guard against Houston fire damage to your home.


Space Heaters. During the winter months, it is tempting to take the chill out of the air with a space heater. While safety features have improved over the years, they are still considered a fire hazard, and proper protocols should be followed when in use. First, never leave space heaters plugged in when you are sleeping, or away from home. Second, position space heaters a minimum of 4 feet from flammable items including bedding, curtains, and books. Third, never use an extension cord for space heaters. And finally, always follow manufacturer instructions precisely.

Electric Blankets. Electric blankets provide toasty comfort on cool evenings. However, they too are considered a safety hazard. Never leave an electric blanket plugged in, or on when it is not in use. While in theory they are made to keep you warm all night long, it is not recommended they be used while sleeping. Discard electric blankets immediately if there is any hint of a smoldering odor or if cords are damaged.

Holiday Lights and Decorations. Interior and exterior holiday lights and decorations can start fires in Houston area homes. Never use more lights than recommended by the manufacturer on a single outlet, or extension cord. Christmas trees are a fire hazard in the home; if using a fresh tree, be sure to give it plenty of water, and when needle fall is high, remove it from your home. Never position a Christmas tree or other flammable holiday decorations near space heaters, fireplaces, or other sources of heat or ignition.

Candles.  Dinner by candle light. A relaxing soak in a bathtub surrounded by candles. Adding holiday aromas to spaces with candles. These are all very tempting activities but remember that all candles should be placed away from flammable items including bedding, curtains, and carpets and should never be left unattended while lit.

Smoke Detectors. When was the last time you tested the smoke detectors in your home? When was the last time you changed the batteries? If the answer to either of these questions is “I don’t know” now is the time to keep your family and home safe from fire damage. While our expert fire restoration technicians are available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays, we sincerely hope that you will not need us. However, we will respond quickly and begin the cleanup to allow you and your family to get back into your home as fast as possible.



About Baytown and Channelview SERVPRO

Houston area SERVPRO of Baytown and Channelview are Faster to Any Size Disaster, helping residential and commercial property owners when natural disasters, water damage, sewage backups, floods, fires, mold infestations, and other events happen.  

Houston Home Health: 4 Smoke Detector Tips

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SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble wants remind all of our customers, neighbors & friends that smoke detectors are our first defense against damage & injury.

Each October fire departments across the greater Houston metropolitan area celebrate Fire Prevention Week. As the leading fire damage restoration team in the area, SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble, your SERVPRO in Houston wants to remind all of our customers, neighbors, and friends, that smoke detectors are our first line of defense against property damage and injury. Whether a fire starts during the day, or at night while everyone sleeps, a properly operating smoke detector can save your life. Here are 4 best practices to employ with smoke detectors in your Houston home.


  1. 10 Year Rule. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years from the date of manufacture. Just like other elements in the home, smoke detectors do have an expiration date. Manufacturers are required to indicate the date of production on each smoke detector; the date is often found under the cover, or on the back of the device. Replace smoke detectors that are aged for best performance. Evaluate all of the options available on market today – many different features are available to protect your family from injury and your home from Houston fire damage.
  2. 1 Year Rule.  Replace the batteries in each smoke detector in your home annually. Do not wait for the smoke detector to begin beeping that it needs a new battery. Select a day each year and set a reminder in your calendar to alert you to change the batteries for best protection of your property and family.
  3. 1 Month Rule. Smoke detectors are not infallible and need to be tested each and every month. All smoke detectors should have a “Test” button that is clearly marked. Set a reminder in your calendar to alert you to smoke detector testing day. Even if you have 6 or more smoke detectors in your home, this process will take only a few minutes. Your family’s safety and property health are worth that small time commitment.
  4. Smoke Detector Placement. Over the last decade, the recommendations for the placement of smoke detectors or alarms has changed. Now, it is wise to have a smoke detector installed inside each bedroom of the home, one in the kitchen, one in each hallway, and one in rooms where there is a fireplace, space heater, or where tools are stored or used. Remember to place a smoke detector in basements, utility rooms, and garages for best protection. If you have a hobby shop or tool shed, you should consider placing one in there as well.


Your locally owned and operated SERVPRO of Kingwood and Humble also encourage you to create and practice a fire evacuation plan. Be sure that all members of the family recognize the sound that your smoke detectors make, and the most expedient exit for where they are when they hear it. We sincerely hope that your Houston home won’t ever be effected by fire or water damage, but if it is, know that expert teams from Houston SERVPROs are ready to start the restoration process immediately. Call on us anytime, we are available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays.


About the Kingwood-Humble SERVPRO

The SERVPRO teams of Kingwood and Humble are Faster to Any Size Disaster, helping residential and commercial property owners when floods, fires, mold growths, sewage backups, and other events affect your home. Our primary focus is to get your home back into a safe and healthy condition as quickly as possible.

Kingwood and Humble Home Safety: Protecting Your Home From Fire

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People can take many steps to improve their chances of surviving a fire. PLAN, TEST & DRILL

Here in the greater Houston metro area, thousands of homes and businesses are damaged by fire each year. While not every fire can be prevented, your local SERVPRO of Kingwood and Humble team recommends a proactive approach to protecting your family and home from the devastating effects of a fire. Here are 8 simple things that should be on your fire safety checklist:

1.      Smoke Detectors/Alarms. Every bedroom, hallway, room with a fireplace, kitchen, attic, and basement should have a working smoke detector that is tested monthly. Testing is vital to ensure the system is properly working, and that everyone in the household knows the sound of the alarm.

2.      Evacuation Plan/Drills. Everyone in the home should know how to safely leave the home in the event of a fire. It is important that each room of the home has 2 access points—typically the door as the main exit and a window as a backup escape route. Be sure windows open easily, particularly after painting or during humid weather.

3.      Fire Extinguishers. Ensure that fire extinguishers are staged properly throughout the home. Place one in the kitchen, utility room, hobby room, and garage, as well as near fireplaces, in rooms with space heaters, and other areas of concern.

4.      Electrical Wiring. If you live in an older home, it is imperative that the electrical wiring and the control box be carefully inspected by a licensed electrician. If you see any signs of electrical problems, including lights flickering, sparks coming from outlets, or occasional power surges, schedule an inspection immediately and unplug all electrical appliances.

5.      Yard Debris and Leaves. Dry debris in the yard is fuel for a fire. Keep your property relatively free of leaves, dead shrubs, tree limbs, and other flammable items. This is particularly important during summer months, when outdoor fireplaces, BBQ grills, and fireworks are regularly in use.

6.      BBQ Grills. BBQ grills—propane or charcoal—can cause fire damage to your Houston area home. For propane grills, be sure to check all hoses and connections prior to each use, and carefully follow directions for lighting the grill. Wait at least 48 hours before removing ash from charcoal grills, and dispose of it properly in metal containers. Paper or plastic containers can ignite long after the flame is out.

7.      Hazardous Materials/Paints. Some household chemicals, paints, deck stains, and other items are highly flammable and must be disposed of properly. Heed all warnings on packages to ensure your Houston area home remains safe from fire, water, and smoke damage.

8.      Basements and Attics. Routinely check your attic and basement for loose or damaged wiring, and have furnaces, water heaters, and your electrical panel regularly inspected.

Your locally owned and operated Houston SERVPRO is proud to be a preferred emergency response team for many national insurance companies. We stand at the ready to help homeowners and business owners quickly recover from devastating fires, floods, mold infestations, and water damage. We can work directly with your insurance company to help expedite the insurance claim process, while laboring diligently to get you back into your home as quickly as possible. Call us whenever disaster strikes your property; we are here to help.

About the Kingwood-Humble SERVPRO

The SERVPRO teams of Kingwood and Humble are Faster to Any Size Disaster, helping residential and commercial property owners when floods, fires, mold growths, sewage backups, and other events affect your home. Our primary focus is to get your home back into a safe and healthy condition as quickly as possible. In addition to our neighbors in Kingwood and Humble, we proudly serve surrounding communities.