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Mold: Clearing the Air

12/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold: Clearing the Air

Living in Kingwood, Texas you’ve likely heard your fair share of horror stories regarding mold growth in your neighbors’ homes. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to prevent it from happening in your own home, or you aren’t sure how mold grows in a home in the first place. Whatever your purpose is, here are a few frequently asked questions regarding mold, and what you can do to prevent it from growing in your home.

What is Black Mold?

Perhaps the type of mold you hear about most often is black mold. This is likely due to sensational news stories or a classic case of the “telephone game.” That being said, black mold definitely is dangerous and should be remediated as soon as possible. When it comes to the actual color, most homeowners don’t have the training or education needed to properly identify mold. If you find mold growth of any kind within your home, you should contact a restoration professional immediately.

How Did Mold Grow in My Home?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to mold growth. Living in Kingwood, Texas you are more likely to experience mold growth in your home than in other regions due to the high humidity. Mold thrives on moist environments, so humidity is not the only contributing factor. If you’ve experienced severe water damage in your home due to a leak or flood, there is a high probability that mold has begun to grow in the affected area if it has not been treated.

What Should I Do if I Have Mold Growth in My Home?

Regardless of color, odor or severity, if you find mold growing anywhere in your home, you should contact your local home restoration professional as soon as possible. Become familiar with your local restoration companies so that you can know who to call right away should you discover mold in your home. Visit for more information on mold.

Dealing With Smoke Damage After a Fire

12/18/2017 (Permalink)

Dealing With Smoke Damage After a Fire

Dealing with a fire in Kingwood, Texas isn't easy. In many cases, you’ll be facing destroyed or damaged personal belongings, haggling with your insurance company and generally attempting to get your home back into working order. Throughout all of this, it can seem like the practical solution to simply throw belongings affected by smoke into the trash. However, this can be a huge waste of money, especially when many of your items can be recovered through dry cleaning and other means. By investing in a bit of content cleaning and content storage, you can get your home back on track without having to replace everything. The first steps you should take toward handling smoke damage include:

1. Safety First

Ensure that you’re ventilating the space you’re in as effectively as possible, and wear a mask whenever you’re in enclosed spaces. In fact, it’s always a great idea to get the professionals in on the job. Professional smoke removal crews have all the equipment needed to get the job done faster, safer, and more effectively.

2. Cleaning

Once you have your safety gear at the ready, it’s time to start cleaning. While it might seem easy to just begin throwing things away, your best chance to save a bit of cash during this step is to salvage what you can. Remember:

Dry cleaning can help to restore clothing items to their previous state along with small pillows and other washable items.
Non-porous surfaces may undergo ultrasonic treatments to remove smoky smells.
Invest in content storage for items that are unaffected until the job’s done.

Post-fire content cleaning and dry cleaning can be difficult, but by knowing the proper steps to take and working with a team of reliable professionals, you can get your home back in working order sooner rather than later. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How to Prepare for Flood Damage

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How to Prepare for Flood Damage

Businesses in Kingwood, Texas do well to take preventative measures to reduce their risk of flooding. Here are three aspects of preparation you won’t want to neglect.

Facilitate Maximum Drainage

Your maintenance plan should include regularly scheduled cleaning activities. Catch basins, for one, should be kept free of debris to allow storm water to flow away from your site. Gutter systems require cleaning to clear blockages and prevent pooling. Whether or not your facility lies near a water body susceptible to flooding, your leaders will want to pay close attention to any warnings delivered by the NWS, perhaps calling for an additional inspection before the rains begin.

Hold a Tabletop Exercise

Well before the weather turns wet, your company should have a business continuity group in place. It can be led by a senior member of management, human resources or facilities, but it should include representation from all your organization’s departments. FEMA recommends holding a detailed review of emergency procedures. The lead planner would benefit by selecting a facilitator for the meeting ahead of time.

Protect Your Resources

When the rain starts to fall, and you need to suspend operations at your place of work, you’ll want to take precautions such as the following to reduce potential storm damage:

Unplug electrical appliances from wall outlets. Only re-connect machines after it has been deemed safe to do so.
Move furniture and electronic equipment to a higher floor.
Switch off main utilities and valves if instructed to do so.

While machines are replaceable assets, human life is not. The same procedures that protect equipment also protects people who are in the disaster area. Loose wires and standing water pose a much lesser threat when systems are shut down ahead of time.

The amount of effort you put into preparation can make a difference in how your site holds up when flooding threatens. If damage occurs, contact a restoration company to assess conditions and implement remediation right away. Visit for more information on flood damage.

How much does it cost to restore a home after a fire?

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

If a fire has devastated your greater Houston metropolitan area home, it is natural to be overwhelmed by the road to recovery. The Kingwood and Humble SERVPRO team understands that you have many questions. Among these, you may be wondering “How much is it going to cost to restore my home after fire damages it?”

We understand that finances are a concern, and want you to know that help is available. In the vast majority of fire damage cases, insurance will pay a significant portion of the restoration costs, excluding the deductible. Our reputation throughout the industry is such that SERVPRO is the recommended emergency restoration provider for many insurance companies, and we can work directly with your insurance company if desired.

Here is a quick overview of what it will take to get your home back to its original state:

·         Damage assessment of interior and exterior. This thorough inspection should include HVAC, duct work, wiring, plumbing, roof, windows, floors, walls, and other structural elements.

·         Inventory of every item in the home and categorization of each item as salvageableunsalvageable, or questionable.

·         Cleaning and restoration of salvageable personal items, fine art, photographs, important documents, antiques, and furniture. Fine art and antiques may require specialized professionals.

·         Evaluation, testing, and cleaning of electronic devices and appliances. Heat, soot, smoke, and water may have caused damage to wiring, even in rooms not directly affected by the fire.

·         Removal and disposal of damaged drywall, structural supports, floors and subfloors, insulation, and windows. Damage may be due to water, smoke, flames, heat, or fire-fighting efforts.

·         Rebuilding of walls and structural supports, and new window installationDepending on your home’s level of smoke, flame, and water damage, warped windows, damaged roof, saturated floors and carpets, marred cabinetry, etc., may also need to be replaced.

·         Cleaning, sealing, and repainting of walls that are structurally sound and not water damaged, but have been affected by smoke. Deodorizing is a key piece of recovery from a fire. Best practices must be utilized to make sure that chemical and smoke odors don’t linger.

·         Moving in after cleaning, restoration, and rebuilding is complete!

As you can see, it is difficult to compute the cost of restoring your home after a fire. The scope of the project requires significant time, as well as specialized training and  equipment. Every damaged home must be assessed by industry professionals. For this reason, Houston SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, and we have the expertise, tools, and protocols necessary to restore your home to its preloss condition. Within just a few hours we can be onsite, starting the fire, smoke, and soot restorationprocess so that you can get back into your home fast.

The Benefits Of Professional Storm Damage Remediation

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

The Benefits Of Professional Storm Damage Remediation

Taking appropriate steps to restore your home and property after severe flooding, river flooding or hurricane damage has occurred can prevent further damage and help get things back to normal in your home.

Severe damages including roof leak, ice damage, ice damming, frozen pipes, flood water, ground water and hurricane damage cause huge amounts of money in repair costs every time a storm or flooding hits. When river flooding, storm damage or hurricane damage hits, many families find themselves disorganized and not sure what to do. When experiencing river flooding, ice dam, ground water, ice damming or roof damage that requires roof repair, it is important to act fast and get professional help right away.

Hiring a team of qualified home restoration professionals increases your chances of getting the situation under control and repairing the damages properly.

If your home has suffered extensive damage and need there is ground water, water restoration professionals are well equipped to remove flood water and ground water. They usually use flood pump and other high-tech equipment to help them render outstanding service and get rid of flood water and ground water after a storm damage, flooding or river flooding.

Creating a storm restoration plan is a crucial step in home restoration or storm remediation. Professionals will arrive at your home and evaluate the damages and what needs to be done to restore your home. Storm restoration professionals will create a written storm restoration plan and review it with you. Make sure you know what they want to do and when they will complete the work.

They will identify storm damage and other problems, such as roof damage, ice damage, ice damming, frozen pipes, ice dam or other storm and hail damage related issues. If you have roof damage or roof leak after a storm damage, wind damage, hail damage or hurricane damage, they consider roof repair an emergency and will get to work immediately to repair any roof leak they find. If roof replacement is needed water restoration technicians will perform the work right away.

In order to get the job done correctly after wind damage, hail damage, hurricane damage or river flooding, it is important to understand the benefits of professional storm restoration and have a reputable and experienced team on your property to provide storm remediation.

Roof Damage

Right after a wind damage, the cost of repairing roof damage can be very high. If a storm damage is due to frozen pipes, ice damage, hail damage, or ground water, the home can be protected from such disasters taking the necessary precautions. The roof is a very important part of a home and it protects the occupants and valuables from harm and destruction.

When providing roof repair or inspection after wind damage, water restoration professionals use the appropriate fasteners and advanced techniques to ensure the desired outcome. They can also have flood pump and other systems in place to prevent flooding, as well as provide hail damage repair after ice damage.

Flood Remediation

During the process of flood remediation or water restoration professionals provide ice damage repair, and also address issues related to the frozen pipes, ice dam, ice damming, flood water, roof leak and other problems or damages during the flood or storm remediation. The use of flood pump helps to get rid of standing or excess water.

Storm Remediation.

During a storm remediation or restoration professionals replace the damaged shingles. The shingles can be loosened after a roof damage, due to the impact of the storm. Storm remediation experts inspect the shingles and provide the necessary repairs. During a storm remediation technicians can also install shutters and replace the glass on the windows.

Home Restoration

Home restoration professionals are well trained in dealing with the damaging effects of storm and other natural disasters and can respond promptly to render any needed repair service, including emergency roof repair, ice dam and using flood pump to remove water. The cost of their service for storm remediation and mitigation depends on the amount of work or extent of the damage.
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Addressing Residential Fire Damage

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Addressing Residential Fire Damage

As a property owner, one of the most difficult things you can deal with is when your home or business experiences a fire. While experiencing a fire can be quite troubling, there are solutions to minimize the effects of a fire in your home or business. One of the best things to do when your property catches fire is to get assistance from a restoration company. This type of company will be able to provide a number of services for you such as fire cleanup and other forms of fire damage restoration. It will also board up parts of your property in order to protect it from debris and protecting others for hazardous particles. With the help of this type of company, you will be in position to have your property recover from a fire.

One of the reasons why it is important to use a restoration company to perform fire damage restoration is to help address fire damage. When you experience fire damage, the property structures will likely begin to fall apart and break down. Fire damage can significantly reduce the value of your property as well. As a way to help address fire damage, a company will board up parts of the property and begin eliminating the debris with special equipment. It will also provide general fire cleanup as well to help you. With fire cleanup, a company will not only eliminate debris but also cleanse the property. By getting fire cleanup services, your property will be in position to reach full restoration sooner. Therefore, fire cleanup is one of the more valuable services to get when hiring a company to restore your property from a fire.

Another benefit of using a restoration company to help with fire damage restoration is to address both smoke damage and a smoke smell. When smoke damage occurs, the property will accumulate the smoke and begin to break down the structures. Smoke damage will also ruin the appearance of the property as well. Along with breaking down the property structures and ruining the appearance, smoke damage can also leave a smoke smell. This smoke smell will often leave a very unpleasant odor. A smoke smell will also emit toxic fumes that can be quite hazardous. As a result, it is ideal to get a company that provides restoration in order to eliminate a smoke smell and address smoke damage. Companies will usually help with this process by using a board up procedure and then use chemicals and equipment to eliminate smoke and its odors.

When seeking the services of a restoration company to provide fire damage restoration, it is important to address soot damage as well. Soot damage is when a collection of particles get onto parts of the property. The soot damage will then begin to break down the structures of a property as well. Along with breaking down the structures of the property, soot damage will also ruin the appearance of a property as well. In order to address soot damage, a company will board up various areas and then use equipment to eliminate the soot and help restore the property.

One of the most common reasons why restoration services are used is because of a fire in home. There are a number situations where a fire in home incurs significant damage. A fire in home can also lead to displacement as well as making it very hazardous. As a result, homeowners will want to use the services of a restoration company in order to help sanitize the home and get rid of fire, smoke and soot.

While home fires are the more common scenarios when a property experiences a fire, there are times when there is commercial fire damage caused by a fire in business. A fire in business will often incur significant damage and hazards for property owners. Commercial fire damage is quite costly and therefore, it is important that owners of such properties use restoration services. A company will usually address commercial fire damage caused by a fire in business by using the usual procedures of eliminating smoke, soot and excess flames from a fire. It will also use specialized equipment in order to help restore the property that has experienced commercial fire damage due to a fire in business.
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Fire Damage Restoration in Business Premises

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration in Business Premises

All business owners need to have an emergency contact they can call immediately a firebreaks out. This is a crucial step fire restoration. Most restoration companies dealing with this process will offer emergency services immediately they are called. Remember that they have the necessary skills and tools including the right equipment and techniques to help put out the fire.

Proper assessment

Various things can trigger fires. The firefighter is trained to identify the source of the fire and determine whether it could be an electrical fire. This way a better response technique will be applied. There are fires where tools such as fire hose may not be useful whereas others may require specific fire extinguisher. A professional assessment of the situation is the key to curbing the commercial fire damage within the shortest time possible. Apart from this, the assessment will reveal the extent of the property damage.

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Common Causes of Water Damage and What Can Be Done About It

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Common Causes of Water Damage and What Can Be Done About It

As the most abundant natural substance in the world, water has many potential benefits. But H2O isn't so wonderful when it results in water damage in your home or business. Damage from water in homes or businesses doesn't have to be obvious to become a problem that will require assistance from a restoration company. Water cleanup is only part of the process of correcting water damage issues. It's just as important to determine what caused the damage in the first place. There are many possible causes of excessive water in business and home areas. Here are the most common sources of water damage along with some advice on what can be done about it.

Supply Line Breaks, Pipe Breaks and Failures, and Leaks

Whether it's a supply line break or a busted water main, leaks and pipe breaks are the most common cause of problems with water in homes and businesses. Leaks and breaks can involve pipes in walls, ones directly under a bathroom or kitchen sink, or those that are located out of sight in the basement. Supply line breaks can result from aging washing machine supply hoses or from ice maker supply lines that have developed a leak. For times when water cleanup from pipe breaks and leaks involves more than mopping, it's best to call a restoration company.

Accidental Damage from Water in Homes or Businesses

Water in business or home environments sometimes becomes an issue because of an accident. With water in homes, in particular, flooding could be from children clogging a toilet or sink or from someone accidentally leaving the bathtub water running, resulting in a flooded home. The problem with excessive water from an overflowing toilet or sink is that the force of gravity sends it down through floors and ceilings. For extensive accidental damage, professional mitigation should begin as soon as possible to prevent major structural damage.

Sewer Backups

Tree roots invading drain lines don't always result in a pipe break, but the resulting clog could lead to a sewer backup and damage from water. Enzyme drain treatments can help prevent backups, as can regular maintenance. But there may be times when a flooded home or business is the result of a surprise sewer backup.

Basement Humidity

An aging infrastructure may result in gradual damage. It can become a big deal if excessive humidity results in gradual structural damage. The solution is usually basement waterproofing done by a professional.

Basement Flood Damage

A busted water heater is sometimes the cause of water in a business or home's basement. Flood damage of this nature is also sometimes the result of a leaking washing machine, a backed up sump pump, or broken basement pipes.

Flash Flood Damage

While flash food damage often makes news because it can be so extensive, it's also the rarest type of water damage. And it's often the most complex type of water cleanup project. If you live an area where flood damage doesn't usually happen, it can also be an unexpected source of water in a business or home. Water cleanup and restoration from flooding should begin as soon as you and your family are safe and able to contact professionals.

What to Do About Water Damage

No matter what the cause of water or flood damage is, the first thing to do is contact a local restoration company. A big part of the mitigation process involves drying out affected areas and assessing the extent of the damage. Typically you only see a small part of the actual damage from a supply line break, water main break, or busted pipe that has resulted in a flooded home or business. With proper mitigation, drywall can often be salvaged. Restoration technicians often use moisture meters to assess structural integrity. The drying and restoration process also involves:

• Establishing appropriate holes or cuts in walls to allow for sufficient drying
• Removing water damaged materials from a flooded home or business
• Using high-speed air movers to help with the drying of carpets and furniture
• Industrial-grade dehumidifiers for more extensive drying and to remove water retained by building materials

When detected early and addressed by a reputable restoration company, most home or business water damage can be minimized as much as possible. The time it will take for restoration will vary based on the extent of the damage. Many restoration companies also help with documentation required for insurance purposes. With proper mitigation efforts, it won't be long before your home or business is restored to its post-damage condition.
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Restoration Company

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damage is one of the most devastating calamities that can befall individuals and construction. Fire damage is capable of bringing to ash anything from vegetation to large buildings. After a fire strikes a premise, it is vital to proceed with caution. When it comes to commercial fire damage restoration, you should not attempt to do it on your own, seek a certified firefighter or repair company to do the work, do not endeavor to do any cleaning or renovation after commercial fire damage. If you proceed without consulting the experts, you may injure yourself and even make the utility room fire situation worse.

In the event of an electrical fire or a utility room fire, you should alert your insurance company and take as many photos of the destruction as you can to show to them. Your next move should be to get in touch with a commercial fire damage restoration company to begin the fire restoration process.

The process of electrical fire restoration includes:
• Assessment of the destroyed property
• Removal and disposal of unwanted clutter
• Fixing Board ups and roof tarps
• Drying of water from fire trucks, fire sprinkler systems and fire hoses
• Removal of soot and smoke
• Cleaning
• Utility room fire restoration

The fire damage restoration process needs to be carried out by certified and trained specialists who are equipped with tools such as fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses, fire trucks, and able to handle issues such as electrical fires, smoke damage, soot damage and other aspects of fire suppression.

How to choose a good fire restoration company
There are various points to consider before choosing the best firefighter and fire suppression company to employ. Below are certain criteria to look at as you weigh your decision:

1. License
For you to decide on a restoration company, you must ensure that their firefighters and are authorized by the government to undertake reconstruction jobs. Make sure the equipment they use such as fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses and fire trucks are in the proper working order. You can do this by searching the company on the licensed business data base or by looking for the company on the web.

2. Personal Referrals
It is recommended to use a fire restoration organization that has already been tried and tested. Seek out people who have been affected by fire damage, soot damage or smoke damage, and get from them references and reviews on the firefighters, or electrical fire restoration company they used.

3. Cost effectiveness
Employ a repair company that will go easy on your pocket. Find out whether your insurance provides for fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage restoration, and plan a budget appropriately. You should avoid spending a lot of money for commercial fire damage restoration services you can receive at lower prices.

4. Type of smoke damage, soot damage or fire damage

It is fundamental to know what sort of electrical fire damage you have undergone. The repair company may be able to restore some of the damage caused, but if your electronics have been affected, you may need to contact another company or get one that can renovate all forms of destruction.

5. Availability and accessibility

The company you select should be available at all hours of the day and accessible. Disaster can strike at any time, and you need to choose a company which can get to your rescue as soon as an electrical fire erupts and is reliable to deliver an excellent service.

6. Technical Knowledge
Restoration requires the use of sophisticated industrial tools and equipment such as fire sprinkler systems, fire hoses and fire trucks to get the job done. You should find fire suppression experts who can handle these machines and who have them in plenty to avoid shortage if calamity strikes in many places at once.

7. Services offered.
You should research on the fire suppression and restoration company of your liking and make sure that they cover a broad range of utility room fire restorations. It would be disappointing if, after employing the company, you find that they can’t handle the sort of destruction the fire has caused.
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The Need for Storm Damage Restoration

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The Need for Storm Damage Restoration

The hurricanes that have rocked the country have left behind a wake of losses from hurricane damage. While the damage is extensive, water restoration or home restoration services can help salvage what is left. Homeowners who are facing hurricane damage, hail damage, wind damage, river flooding, ice damage, and ground water damage can enlist the services of storm remediation experts.

After a storm damage or extensive flooding, most homeowners begin counting their losses. Their first move is to call the home insurance company. While it is important to inform the insurers, getting storm restoration services can help save some of the items. Again, rarely does the insurance company cover for all the property damage after a flood water damage, hail damage, ice damming damage and wind damage.

One of the most contentious issues that homeowners face when filing an insurance claim is roof damage and roof repairs. In most cases, insurers are not willing to pay for the full cost of roof repairs. Many roof damage claims by homeowners are turned down by insurance companies. Most insurers insist that the homeowners did not take measures to prepare the roof for storm damage.

It is important to note that home restoration services by commercial water restoration companies will also include roof repairs. Wind damage, hail damage, ice damage, and hurricane damage can all cause roof damage. The most common are roof leaks. A roof leak can happen due to broken shingles. The formation of an ice dam after winter can also weigh the roof down. This can also result in a roof leak.

Roof repairs need to be handled immediately. The root cause of the roof damage must also be assessed as part of the home restoration process. Ice dams and ice damming damage should be handled professionally. The water restoration company can also advice on the best slope of the roof to avoid the formation of ice dams or ice damming.

Winter damage and ice damming can also lead to frozen pipes. These frozen pipes can cut the water supply line. Most homeowners attempt to heat the frozen pipes. However, this only leads to more damage and it can be dangerous. Different pipes should be treated differently. Professional storm restoration companies have the experience and tools to deal with the frozen pipes and ice dams without causing further damage.

One of the primary tools used in water restoration services is a flood pump. Flood pumps help to empty water from flooded rooms. These pumps are ideal in areas that are more prone to storm damage, hurricane damage and hail damage. The flood pump is a handy tool in draining flood water, ground water and in minimizing flooding. Flood pumps can also be used in cases of river flooding. Automatic flood pumps can be left in rooms so as to drain water as the water levels rise.

River flooding can occur after a storm damage, hurricane damage, ice damage or hail damage. The flooding can lead to rising ground water. In most cases, the soil is able to absorb most of the flood water. However, if the flooding is extensive the ground water can sip into the home. The water can cause extensive damage. This calls for immediate storm remediation. efforts especially after hurricane damage.

Wind damage can get worse after a storm damage. Tree branches, garden fixtures, and electric poles can be blown in a wind damage. It is wise to take storm remediation. measures before the wind damage begins. Loose objects in the backyard should be cleared. The same applies to weak branches and trees. The wind can also hamper home restoration efforts.

Storm restoration services are all inclusive. The tasks can even be as huge as river flooding and flood water damage or small as ice damage or roof leak repair. Commercial storm restoration experts are well trained on the safety measures used in water restoration efforts. Homeowners should not attempt these tasks on their own. It is best to let the storm remediation. professionals do a thorough job.
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