Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Commercial Property in Humble, TX

Water Damage Cleanup in Humble could have ruined this commercial property. All the water in the facility found its way through the halls and into flooring. It w... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Movie Theater

This movie theater had a large storm damage within their building. The water had intruded after some flooding and ran down the halls leaving the carpets soiled ... READ MORE

Movie Theater Flood

This movie theater had its own horror show playing out after it flooded during the recent storms. The water entered through the main floors and migrated down th... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Large Commercial Facility

This commercial facility was damaged during a recent storms. Many businesses during this time were flooded and needed help in order to get back on their feet. T... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Examples

Mold can be found in homes and businesses if there is too much moisture and humidity in the air. Mold needs three things to grow: Water, Cellulose (organic mate... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Project in Kingwood Property

Mold is always a problem we have to face after a water loss or storm damage. Mold needs time to grow but only as little as twenty-four hours. The main concern w... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Kingwood Home.

The first picture looks dark because of the smoke and soot residue that was left behind. This room was covered head to toe. The homeowner was very distraught as... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Large Commercial Facility

Fire Damage in local school. In most commercial buildings there are sprinkler systems that go off during a fire. In most cases the sprinklers only in the affect... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Local School

It was unfortunate that this school had a fire. It had started in one of the bathrooms as seen in the first picture. The Superintendent gave us a call to come d... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Houston, TX

This Houston church suffered a large water loss in their beautiful building. In the first picture we cut 12 inches above where the flood water had risen. About ... READ MORE